Welcome to Hello Operator:

The Story Machine


Part spectacle, part radio drama

This site-specific phone is on a mission; 

To make new stories from the people and places rooted at the heart of our rural communities.

We take your tales and put them through the studio process using live theatre and foley art to deliver exciting radio drama performances to local audiences.

Get Involved

Want to take part?

We’re inviting 30 participants (only) to join our Research & Development period, on the 11th and 12th of September in Barrow Park. We will be trialing our show in a series of 10-minute-long audio performances and need chatty, story-lovers to test out our big, red, phone in our SPEAK area.

With places limited make sure you secure your time slot by booking today.

Feeling shy?

Watch the event

You can still get involved as a spectator of Hello Operator in Barrow Park and tell us what you think. Come view the studio in our SEE area above the Café Pavilion, and listen to the radio drama in HEAR, our listening gallery inside the Mawson Room. No registration necessary.

Watch this space for our forthcoming storytelling machine adventures.

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